Muensterland by bike!

'Leeze' is a word the inhabitants of the Muensterland lovingly use to describe their bike. This is the ideal way to explore the hidden and romantic corners that the area has to offer.
The 'Muensterland' is the 'bike-hike-paradise' of Germany! Nowhere else in Germany are there so many bike paths, hiking trails and 'Paettkes' as the natives call it, which are small field, forest and meadow paths. Nowhere else is a region so bike orientated.

Over 4500 km of signposted paths aside from main roads, exciting Theme routes like the classic bike-hike-route the '100-Schloesser-Route', countless fairytale castles and locations, over 150 well-equipped service- and bike-hire stations, nearly 800 biking-tourist orientated housing possibilities and last but not least the fanatic muensterlaender bikers make the experience complete.

For further Information about biking in the Muensterland area please ask at the reception or visit the following links.
"TOP-Burg Oeding": Vom Autositz auf den Fahrradsattel